neoteric - Elena Kristofor & Esther Vörösmarty - 2016 - Inkjet-Print - 90 x 60 cm


NEOTERIC /Greek νεωτερικοί "new poets"


Identity is never a fixed condition. It is an unstable state of the subject, a product of interactions and relations, shaped by changing cultural frameworks. Difficult to define analytically, it often remains a subjective perception rather than a concept, a tension between change and keep, between trends and reinforced cultural heterogeneity. A negotiation between comfort zone and the yet unexplored. The self image, though in most cases holding at least one imagined constant, could, with enough awareness be turned into something like a laboratory, with the individual replacing various aspects at its will, becoming a living experiment. In this constant flow, this perpetual state of flux, boundaries become porous, pushed in different directions, moving the centre of gravity of conflicts as well as integration, producing new entities that are important to recognize in order to prevent clashes and discrimination..